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Transferencia de conocimiento e innovación social desde la Universidad para la ruptura de la brecha digital desde los servicios sociales

Juan Manuel Herrera-Hernández and Josué Gutiérrez-Barroso
methaodos revista de ciencias sociales 11 (2) m231102a11 (2023)

Reasoning by analogy and the transdisciplinarian’s circle: on the problem of knowledge transfer across cases in transdisciplinary research

Jaana Eigi-Watkin and Inkeri Koskinen
Sustainability Science 18 (3) 1343 (2023)

La transdisciplinarité dans une recherche en santé publique en Tunisie

Aïcha Boukthir and François Guillemette
Enjeux et société: Approches transdisciplinaires 10 (1) 79 (2023)

Intensified rice production negatively impacts plant biodiversity, diet, lifestyle and quality of life: transdisciplinary and gendered research in the Middle Senegal River Valley

Danièle Clavel, Hélène Guétat-Bernard and Eric O. Verger
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Advancing One Health: Updated core competencies

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Transdisciplinary learning as a key leverage for sustainability transformations

Matthias Barth, Amanda Jiménez-Aceituno, David PM Lam, Lina Bürgener and Daniel J Lang
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Exploring local spatial planning as practices of process design in the Stockholm region, Sweden

Johan Högström, Peter Brokking, Berit Balfors, Monica Hammer, Mats Stjernberg and Johannes Lidmo
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A typology to guide design and assessment of participatory farming research projects

Douglas Jackson-Smith and Hadi Veisi
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A critical exploration of the diets of UK disadvantaged communities to inform food systems transformation: a scoping review of qualitative literature using a social practice theory lens

Louise Hunt, Clare Pettinger and Carol Wagstaff
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Editorial: Current trends in environmental psychology, volume II

Oriana Mosca, Ferdinando Fornara, Stefano Mastandrea, Ylenia Passiatore, Mauro Sarrica, Massimiliano Scopelliti and Giuseppe Carrus
Frontiers in Psychology 14 (2023)

Interaction turns in knowledge production: actors, problems and methodologies

María Goñi Mazzitelli, Camila Zeballos and Mariela Bianco Bozzo
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Empowering Tomorrow’s Problem Solvers: Nexus Thinking and CLEWs Modelling as a Pedagogical Approach to Wicked Problems

Leigh Martindale, Carla Cannone, Taco Niet, Richard Hodgkins, Kane Alexander and Mark Howells
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Challenges and strategies in transdisciplinary research ‐ early career researchers’ perspectives

Vanja Djinlev, Irina Dallo, Stefan Markus Müller, Mélanie Surchat, Juanita von Rothkirch, Ariane Wenger and Leonhard Späth
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Explaining Challenges That Beset Transdisciplinary Projects in the Global South: The Shift from Methodological Perspectives to a Political-Economic Dynamic Analysis

Ta-Wei Chu
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Power to, over and with: Exploring power dynamics in social innovations in energy transitions across Europe

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Promising practices for dealing with complexity in research for development

Carmenza Robledo Abad, Sabin Bieri, René Eschen, Sandra Fuerst, Johanna Jacobi, Elizabeth Jiménez, Aymara Llanque Zonta, Meleesa Naughton, Urs Schaffner, Mirko S. Winkler and Manuel Flury
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Adaptive methodology. Topic, theory, method and data in ongoing conversation

Kristof van Assche, Raoul Beunen, Martijn Duineveld and Monica Gruezmacher
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Social sciences and nuclear energy practitioners: Exploring Spanish perceptions and expectations of interdisciplinary work in a transdisciplinary world

Ana Prades, Roser Sala, Josep Espluga and Markku Lehtonen
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Getting personal with collaborative sustainability experimentation: Reflections and recommendations from a transdisciplinary partnership with the Swedish craft beer sector

Barry Ness and Darin Wahl
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Proposal of a Self-Assessment Competency Framework for Transdisciplinary Engineering

J. Sajdakova, E. Carey, V. Dhokia, L. Newnes and G. Parry
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Application of Mixed Methods in Transdisciplinary Research Projects on Sustainable Mobility

Ann Kathrin Stinder, Nora Schelte and Semih Severengiz
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Transdisciplinarity in transformative ocean governance research—reflections of early career researchers

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Multi-stakeholder analysis of fire risk reduction in a densely populated area in the Netherlands: a case-study in the Veluwe area

Evelien de Hoop, Hilde J H Brouwers, Sophie L Buijs, Linde Egberts, Max J van Gerrevink, Marleen C de Ruiter and Sander Veraverbeke
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Co-creation between cities and climate change science achieves research and action agenda

N.B. Hunter, D.C. Roberts, C. Sutherland and R. Slotow
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Innovating social work education in Chile: addressing the UN sustainable development goals, enhancing our profession

Guillermo Sanhueza, Teresa Matus Sepúlveda and Jenny Moreno
Social Work Education 41 (7) 1460 (2022)

Transition towards sustainable yak farming in Bhutan: stakeholders’ viewpoints and recommendations for future steps

Nedup Dorji, Marjolein Derks, Peter W.G. Groot Koerkamp and Eddie A.M. Bokkers
International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability 20 (1) 68 (2022)

Situated transdisciplinarity in university policy: lessons for its institutionalization

Pablo Salvador Riveros, Jaqueline Meriño, Francisco Crespo and Bianca Vienni Baptista
Higher Education 84 (5) 1003 (2022)

Indicators are Relational: Navigating Knowledge and Power in the Development and Implementation of Coastal-Marine Indicators

E. K. Muhl, D. Armitage, J. Silver, T. Swerdfager and H. Thorpe
Environmental Management 70 (3) 448 (2022)

The challenges of co-research in labs in real-world contexts: empirical findings from four labs in the context of urban climate-change research

Raphael Sieber, Lisa Faulenbach, Marisa Fuchs and Lisa Gülleken
Town Planning Review 93 (2) 139 (2022)

Crafting actionable knowledge on ecological intensification: Lessons from co-innovation approaches in Uruguay and Europe

Walter A.H. Rossing, Maria Marta Albicette, Veronica Aguerre, et al.
Agricultural Systems 190 103103 (2021)

Lessons From the Trenches: Students’ Perspectives of Their Own Marine Transdisciplinary Education

Megan N. Wilson, Adrian E. Laufer, Erin M. Howard and Jennifer A. T. K. Wong-Ala
Frontiers in Marine Science 7 (2021)

Inclusiveness, Equity, Consistency, and Flexibility as Guiding Criteria for Enabling Transdisciplinary Collaboration: Lessons From a European Project on Nature-Based Solutions and Urban Innovation

Claudia Basta, Eva Kunseler, Christine Wamsler, Alexander van der Jagt, Francesc Baró, Intza Balenciaga, Matthew Bach and Björn Wickenberg
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Implementing the urban food–water–energy nexus through urban laboratories: a systematic literature review

Darin Wahl, Barry Ness and Christine Wamsler
Sustainability Science 16 (2) 663 (2021)

Why cross and mix disciplines and methodologies?: Multiple meanings of Interdisciplinarity and pluralism in ecological economics

Benjamin Dube
Ecological Economics 179 106827 (2021)

Facing Societal Challenges in Living Labs: Towards a Conceptual Framework to Facilitate Transdisciplinary Collaborations

Indre Kalinauskaite, Rens Brankaert, Yuan Lu, et al.
Sustainability 13 (2) 614 (2021)

Sustainable Land Management in a European Context

Thomas Weith, Tim Barkmann, Nadin Gaasch, et al.
Human-Environment Interactions, Sustainable Land Management in a European Context 8 339 (2021)

Using Research to Support Transformative Impacts on Complex, “Wicked Problems” With Pastoral Peoples in Rangelands

Robin S. Reid, María E. Fernández-Giménez, Hailey Wilmer, et al.
Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 4 (2021)

Cinderella lost? Barriers to the integration of energy Social Sciences and Humanities outside academia

Osman Arrobbio and Giulia Sonetti
Energy Research & Social Science 73 101929 (2021)

Pathways, contextual and cross-scale dynamics of science-policy-society interactions in transdisciplinary research in African cities

Oghenekaro N. Odume, Akosua BK Amaka-Otchere, Blessing N. Onyima, Fati Aziz, Sandra B. Kushitor and Sokhna Thiam
Environmental Science & Policy 125 116 (2021)

Toward community food security through transdisciplinary action research

Steven Lam, Michelle Thompson, Kathleen Johnson, Cameron Fioret and Sarah K Hargreaves
Action Research 19 (4) 656 (2021)

Unraveling the politics of ‘doing inclusion’ in transdisciplinarity for sustainable transformation

Kristiaan P. W. Kok, Mads D. Gjefsen, Barbara J. Regeer and Jacqueline E. W. Broerse
Sustainability Science 16 (6) 1811 (2021)

Engaging Stakeholders in the Design of One Health Surveillance Systems: A Participatory Approach

Marion Bordier, Flavie Luce Goutard, Nicolas Antoine-Moussiaux, et al.
Frontiers in Veterinary Science 8 (2021)

Handrails through the Swamp? A Pilot to Test the Integration and Implementation Science Framework in Complex Real-World Research

Melissa Robson-Williams, Bruce Small, Roger Robson-Williams and Nick Kirk
Sustainability 13 (10) 5491 (2021)

Community Preferences for Urban Systems Transformation in Australia

Milo Costanza-van den Belt, Tayanah O’Donnell, Robert Webb, et al.
Sustainability 13 (9) 4749 (2021)

Interdisciplinarity: A complexity approach towards academic research

Adriana Zaiț, Constantin Bratianu, Elena‐Mădălina Vătămănescu, Andreia Gabriela Andrei and Ioana Alexandra Horodnic
Systems Research and Behavioral Science 38 (3) 294 (2021)

Penser les effets du désavantage social liés à la maladie chronique : enjeux épistémologiques d’un projet transdisciplinaire sur des jeunes drépanocytaires en Guadeloupe

Sébastien Ruffié, Marie Cholley Gomez, Gaël Villoing, et al.
Alter 15 (2) 177 (2021)

The Potential of Bioeconomic Innovations to Contribute to a Social-Ecological Transformation: A Case Study in the Livestock System

Jonathan Friedrich, Ingrid Bunker, Sandra Uthes and Jana Zscheischler
Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 34 (4) (2021)

Opportunities, balancing acts, and challenges - doing PhDs in transdisciplinary research projects

Sebastian Rogga and Jana Zscheischler
Environmental Science & Policy 120 138 (2021)

Constellations of Transdisciplinary Practices: A Map and Research Agenda for the Responsible Management Learning Field

Oliver Laasch, Dirk Moosmayer, Elena Antonacopoulou and Stefan Schaltegger
Journal of Business Ethics 162 (4) 735 (2020)

Who benefits from ex ante societal impact evaluation in the European funding arena? A cross-country comparison of societal impact capacity in the social sciences and humanities

Stefan P L de Jong and Reetta Muhonen
Research Evaluation 29 (1) 22 (2020)

Designing with differences, cross-disciplinary collaboration in transport infrastructure planning and design

Sofia Löfgren
Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives 4 100106 (2020)

Fin spine metals by LA-ICP-MS as a method for fish stock discrimination of Genidens barbus in anthropized estuaries

Esteban Avigliano, Nathan Miller, Barbara Maichak de Carvalho, Sofía Córdoba Gironde, Andrea Tombari and Alejandra V. Volpedo
Fisheries Research 230 105625 (2020)

Designing transdisciplinary projects for collaborative policy-making: The Integration and Implementation Sciences framework as a tool for reflection

Melissa Robson-Williams, Bruce Small and Roger Robson-Williams
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Understanding mechanisms of conflict resolution beyond collaboration: an interdisciplinary typology of knowledge types and their integration in practice

Olga Stepanova, Merritt Polk and Hannah Saldert
Sustainability Science 15 (1) 263 (2020)

Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Perspectives: On the Road to a Holistic Approach to Dementia Prevention and Care

Francisca S. Rodriguez (Then), Jonathan Jackson, Caitlin Ware, Rebekah Churchyard and Bernard Hanseeuw
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Reports 4 (1) 39 (2020)

More Democratic Sustainability Governance through Participatory Knowledge Production? A Framework and Systematic Analysis

Evelien de Hoop
Sustainability 12 (15) 6160 (2020)

A close examination of the role and needed expertise of brokers in bridging and building science policy boundaries in environmental decision making

Ronlyn Duncan, Melissa Robson-Williams and Sarah Edwards
Palgrave Communications 6 (1) (2020)

Creating an earthquake scenario in China: A case study in Weinan City, Shaanxi province

Janise Rodgers, Guiwu Su, Wenhua Qi, et al.
International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 42 101305 (2020)

Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research: finding the common ground of multi-faceted concepts

Henrik von Wehrden, Maria Helena Guimarães, Olivia Bina, et al.
Sustainability Science 14 (3) 875 (2019)

Testing Analytical Frameworks in Transdisciplinary Research for Sustainable Development

Gabriela Tejada, Marina Cracco, Clémence Ranquet Bouleau, Jean-Claude Bolay and Silvia Hostettler
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Harnessing Implementation Science and Self-Determination Theory in Participatory Research to Advance Global Legume Productivity

Simon Mark Payne, Phillipa Nicholas-Davies and Robert Home
Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 3 (2019)

Mobilizing transdisciplinary collaborations: collective reflections on decentering academia in knowledge production

Gabriela Alonso-Yanez, Lily House-Peters, Martin Garcia-Cartagena, et al.
Global Sustainability 2 (2019)

Transversal integration of geohydrological risks in an elementary school in Brazil: A disaster education experiment

Marcos Barreto de Mendonca, Teresa da Silva Rosa and Alexandre Rosa Bello
International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 39 101213 (2019)

Placing Transdisciplinarity in Context: A Review of Approaches to Connect Scholars, Society and Action

Corrine Nöel Knapp, Robin S. Reid, María E. Fernández-Giménez, Julia A. Klein and Kathleen A. Galvin
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Biodiversity and threats in non-protected areas: A multidisciplinary and multi-taxa approach focused on the Atlantic Forest

Esteban Avigliano, Juan Jose Rosso, Dario Lijtmaer, et al.
Heliyon 5 (8) e02292 (2019)

Challenges to link climate change data provision and user needs: Perspective from the COST‐action VALUE

O. Rössler, A. M. Fischer, H. Huebener, D. Maraun, R. E. Benestad, P. Christodoulides, P. M. M. Soares, R. M. Cardoso, C. Pagé, H. Kanamaru, F. Kreienkamp and D. Vlachogiannis
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Addressing the Environmental, Community, and Health Impacts of Resource Development: Challenges across Scales, Sectors, and Sites

Margot Parkes, Sandra Allison, Henry Harder, et al.
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What is What? Focus on Transdisciplinary Concepts and Terminology in Neuroaesthetics, Cognition and Poetics

Renata Gambino, Grazia Pulvirenti and Elisabetta Vinci
Gestalt Theory 41 (2) 99 (2019)

Collaborative Approaches to Archaeology Programming and the Increase of Digital Literacy Among Archaeology Students

Peter J Cobb, John H Sigmier, Petra M Creamer and Emily R French
Open Archaeology 5 (1) 137 (2019)

A reflection on the role, potential and challenges of transdisciplinarity at the University of Fort Hare

Chene E. Ward, Nomzamo Dube, Siphamandla Nyambo and Christopher T. Chawatama
The Journal for Transdisciplinary Research in Southern Africa 15 (1) (2019)

Determinants of an integrated public health approach: the implementation process of Greenland’s second public health program

Christine Ingemann, Barbara J. Regeer and Christina V. L. Larsen
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A methodology for evaluating transdisciplinary research on coupled socio-ecological systems

Jennifer M. Holzer, Naomi Carmon and Daniel E. Orenstein
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Facing the heat: A systematic literature review exploring the transferability of solutions to cope with urban heat waves

Marie Josefine Hintz, Christopher Luederitz, Daniel J. Lang and Henrik von Wehrden
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How to Address the Sustainability Transition of Farming Systems? A Conceptual Framework to Organize Research

Guillaume Martin, Sandrine Allain, Jacques-Eric Bergez, et al.
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