EDP Sciences signed an agreement to preserve Journals with Portico

EDP Sciences is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Portico to provide a permanent archive of the e-content for many of their key journals. Through this agreement, institutions participating in Portico’s E-Journal Preservation Service will be assured continued access to EDP Sciences content for generations of their scholars in the future.

Current data will be sent to Portico as soon as the e-journal is published, and a full list of the journals committed to the Portico archive is available at

For more information read Press Release (PDF).

Last minute: Journée George Bram "Chercher aux frontières"

This day is the 13th day Conference in the History of Science and Epistemology. It will take place Friday, 01/17/14, at the ENS (45 Rue d'Ulm, 75005 Paris). Frédéric Darbellay member of the Editorial Board of NSS, will speak on "L’interdisciplinarité : innover au-delà des frontières disciplinaires"

See the program for the day here.

E-first for Natures Sciences Sociétés

Thanks to our new E-first service, there is no longer any need to wait for the printed or on line issues of Natures Sciences Sociétés.

Using DOIs, articles are available on line as soon as they have been proofread by the author. On E-first the articles are published in their final form. E-first is not a pre-print service. Articles are peer-reviewed and author corrected.

Consequently, E-first gives you:

  • The final form
  • Faster publication
  • Reliable international citation using DOIs

See E-first table of contents

Launch of the new association website NSS-Dialogues

The association NSS-Dialogues is pleased to announce the launch of its new website and invites you to discover by following this link:

To get the paper version of the special issue ?Les formations interdisciplinaires? (Supplement 2008)

If you want to get the paper version of the special issue “Les formations interdiciplinaires” (Vol. 16 Supplement 2008), please contact the Association “Natures Sciences Sociétés Dialogues”:

Association NSS Dialogues
Université Paris 10, Bât. K, 200 avenue de la République, 92001 Nanterre cedex.
Phone : 01 40 97 71 16. Fax : 01 40 97 71 55.
e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thanks to reviewers (2004-2006)

Le comité de rédaction de Natures Sciences Sociétés remercie les lecteurs ayant participé à l’évaluation des articles publiés.

Lecteurs sollicités pour les articles publiés dans les numéros de l’année 2006 :

Y. Barthe, P. Béguin, P. Boy, J. Caneill, D. Carricaburu, P. Champagne, D. Courret, P. Criqui, V. Despret, B. Faye, D. Fixari, J. Guyot-Corteville, M. Hufty, J. Imbernon, A. Karsenty, H. Langevin, M. Lefort, J.-M. Levy-Leblond, T. Lodé, A. Micoud, P. Moquay, M. Mortimore, E. Rémy, C. Romana, M. Sebillotte, P. Steichen, A. Toppan, P. Vidal-Naquet.

Lecteurs sollicités pour les articles publiés dans les numéros de l’année 2005 :

F. Aggéri, J.-M. Barbier, M. Barbier, C. Blanc-Pamard, J.P. Boutonnet, E. Chia, B. Dedieu, J.P. Gaudin, L. Guichard, S. Lardon, H. Manichon, M. Meuret, J.C. Moisdon, T. Muxart, Y. Poinsot, N. Raulet, J. Rémi, A. Ruellan, T. Ruf, J. Smadja, P. Stassart, R. Teulier, A. Teyssier, F.D. Vivien.

Lecteurs sollicités pour les articles publiés dans les numéros de l’année 2004 :

F. Aggéri, C. Compagnone, S. Costa, J.-P. Darré, M. Figuié, B. Kalaora, F. Lecomte, Y. Luginbühl, C. Marris, P.L. Osty, R. Paskoff, M. Provansal, M. Rumlhart, B. Seguin, J.-F. Tourand.